Larkin’s Letters

This book is truly an emotional roller coaster. Jillian does a great job at showing a tragic story in a beautiful way, verging on an almost poetic style at times. There are some really nice moments that are strengthened by Jillian’s emotional descriptions. If you enjoy a deep, emotional romance, this is the book for you. It focuses on the emotional connection in love, the power of friendship, and the beauty of life. This book will make you think about your loved ones differently and make you appreciate the time you have left. I would describe Jillian as Nicholas Sparks meets Mitch Albom but with a unique flair that it all her own.” – Amazon

A beautifully haunting love story that is a incredible emotional journey through a series of letters and trying to let go that you feel from the first page to the last. A incredible journey that shouldn’t be missed.” -Amazon

The letters … there are no words to describe them. None. The last two will crush you yet put you back together. This story should open your soul to something exquisite. Take your time with this book. Read the letters over and over until you absorb every word.” -Amazon

This book was phenomenal, and probably one of the best of this genre I have read in a long time.” Amazon

Get ready for a breath taking, yet gut-wrenching emotional roller coaster ride that is expertly woven by this amazing new author! … If I didn’t know in advance that this is Jax Jillian’s first book, I would have thought I was reading a Nicholas Sparks book or a seasoned NY Times best selling author’s works” -Amazon