Jax Jillian was born in Albuquerque, NM but before she turned a year old, her parents moved east to Harrisburg, PA where she was raised. After graduating high school in 1995, Jax attended La Salle University (1999, B.A., Communication), Temple University (2001, M.Ed, Sport & Recreation Administration), and Central Pennsylvania College (2005, A.A.S, Physical Therapist Assistant). 

She settled in Philadelphia, PA with her husband and son before she became a writer. Jax found a passion for motion pictures at a young age when she remembers “getting lost” in films, and that passion ultimately led her down the path to writing. She loves “getting lost” in her writing and particularly loves writing heartfelt love stories with a touch of tragedy which she believes is the key to truly reaching readers.

Jax is the author of the award-winning Larkin’s Letters and Ryan’s Letters, two contemporary romance novels released in December, 2015 that have received critical acclaim from reviewers, with both averaging 4.7/5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads. Her third novel, Jillian’s Touch, was released in December, 2016 and she teamed up with Amazon best selling authors Deanndra Hall and Anne L. Parks to co-author The Silent Cove Trilogy, released in October, 2017 .

When not writing, she works full time as a physical therapist assistant and as a mom to her five-year-old son.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes! You’re in good company:

    Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t publish the Little House books till she was in her 60s.
    Frank McCourt published Angela’s Ashes when he was 66.
    Raymond Chandler was 45 before his first short story was published.
    Joseph Conrad, Charles Bukowski, Richard Adams=all got started later in life.

  2. Hello fellow Tate author. My first book is now under construction with Tate. Sorry I missed you at the meeting with PANG. I welcome you to check my site out. By the way, I am 63 and wrote my first book.

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