A Haunting Cover Reveal

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On October 1, in a sleepy little town outside Portland, Maine . . .

Join three amazing authors during the scariest month of the year as they take you to a place long abandoned, filled with mystery, and just ripe for trouble.

Buried secrets and deadly threats on a haunted estate. Who will uncover the mystery of Silent Cove?

BOOK 1 – OCT. 1 — Preorder here:  Amazon   Kobo   iBooks

Awakening by Deanndra Hall – Carmen and Angelo D’Agostino want a new life—and that’s precisely what they get after a cross-country move from Los Angeles to Chistine, Maine, allows them to start a new business together. However, Silent Cove Bed & Breakfast greets the couple with a plethora of unimaginable horrors that test their relationship. Will their love survive its terrors before the grand opening?

BOOK 2 – OCT. 15 — Preorder here:  Amazon     Kobo     iBooks

Retribution by Anne L. Parks – Lansing Abbott wants to find the perfect place to spend her sabbatical. The last thing Tucker Kingsley wants is to handle his dead uncle’s estate. Both end up at Silent Cove Bed & Breakfast in Chistine, Maine, where things heat up between the couple. Little by little, the two piece together a deadly family secret. Can they fight against the horrors that await them at Silent Cove?

BOOK 3 – OCT. 30 — Preorder here:  Amazon   B&N   Kobo   iBooks

Banishing by Jax Jillian – Jack Landry just wanted to do this job. Hired as a deckhand under Captain Oliver Allister, Jack falls in love with the captain’s beautiful daughter Claire, and the lovers embark on a journey to Silent Cove to uncover the past and lay their demons to rest. What will they sacrifice to banish the ghosts once and for all?

The Silent Cove Trilogy is the heart-stopping paranormal romance saga that transports its audience through a maze of ghoulish tricks, secret love affairs, and one chilling finale that will leave you breathless. 

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