Ryan’s Letters With a 4.9 Star Average Rating During Blog Tour

My blog tour for my new release, Ryan’s Letters, is not quite over yet, but the reviews have been pretty humbling so far, averaging 4.9/5 stars.  Here is a brief synopsis of some of the amazing reviews:

“Jax Jillian wrote with heart.  This book is a must read and even a reread.  The first book, Larkin’s Letters, tore my heart out.  This book builds your spirit.” — A Biblioromance

“On the heels of Larkin’s Letters, Ryan’s Letters is yet another deeply moving and well-written masterpiece by Jax Jillian.” — DJ Sakata, Books and Bindings

Ryan’s Letters is just as amazing as Larkin’s Letters was. It is just as eloquently written and just as beautifully tragic.  READ THESE BOOKS, its all I can say, you won’t be sorry!” – Drue Hoffman, DRC Promotions

“Jillian writes a beautiful, well-written, very moving story.  I highly encourage you to read this series. You will not be disappointed.” — Words Turn Me On

“Another wonderfully written emotional experience from author Jax Jillian” – Laura Roth, Laura’s Interests Book Blog (Top 150 Reviewers from Goodreads)

“Jax Jillian once again gripped my heart and squeezed.  I said this after Larkin’s Letters, if you don’t cry when reading this book, then you have no humanity…no heart…no love…no compassion for life.  I loved this one just as much as Larkin’s Letters.” — Lynn Barrett, Sassy Southern Book Affair

“This is an amazing book, so well thought out and written!” — Stormy Nights Reviewing

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