Goodreads | Beautiful review of Larkin’s Letters

Beautiful review of Larkin’s Letters. I just love when I can reach a reader like this.

5 stars and lots of crying

I don’t really know how to review this book. Its was personal for me in the sense that I watched my 14 year old nephew diagnosed with Leukemia, fight for 3.5 years and come out on top. He has a love that stood by him the entire time he was fighting; his story has a happy ending. Soon to be 18 he is living his life to the fullest; beating the odds. So, on that note I will do my best to put what I felt while reading this into words for you. 

This book will break you in every single way possible. I don’t know where this wonderful author found the words; if it was from a real story in their own life but the other part that will rip you before you even begin the story is that she dedicates her book to her baby son Ryan. Go ahead just start crying now. 

So …. here goes … Larkin and Ryan were best friends since childhood. (Again just like my nephew and is love.) They never lost touch even taking different roads to their future. There was never a a time they weren’t checking in, making time or cherishing what their friendship meant. Finally that friendship turned into love. 

As Leukemia does working its evil and poison unknowingly into your body, Larkin becomes ill. Life crumbles – again personally I know that feeling. I know how it feels to get that phone call. (Tears). Scared of the unknown and what fight lies ahead, Ryan sacrifices everything to be with Larkin and friendship becomes a love so deep that the heavens are enough to describe it. 

From this point on you might as well just let your heart fall out of your chest. The letters … there are no words to describe them. None. The last two will crush you yet put you back together. This story should open your soul to something exquisite. Take your time with this book. Read the letters over and over until you absorb every word. 

Just click it … that’s all I can say. Thank you Jax for sending this book; I can never repay you for something you gave me but had no idea you were giving. Thanks to Tracy (my girl – Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets) for giving me the honor of review this book for her wonderful blog.

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