I Will Never Be a Best Selling Author…And I Am Okay With That…Really

Let me say that again.  I will never be a best selling author.  And I’m okay with that.  Really.

I never aspired to be a writer.  In fact, I hated to write.  I even hated to read.  Why?  It bored me.  I didn’t have the attention span to sit there and let myself just fall into the story and let it take me away.  And writing?  All I ever thought about was all of the papers and projects I had to write when I was in school.  Ugh.  I hated it.

So then, why did I become a writer?  Well, not to become a best selling author, that’s for sure.  I am sure that most of the best selling authors out there had aspirations to become just that.  Maybe not all of them, but probably most of them.  If I truly aspired to become a best seller, than I definitely would have invested more time and money into it.  I would have taken classes, I would have read more, and I most certainly would have written more.  I became a writer to escape.  To unleash my creative juices.  To maybe touch a reader along the way if I ever became so lucky for someone to read my work.

I’ve had people ask me why my book isn’t on the book shelf at major book stores.  Well, frankly, because my name isn’t Stephen King or J.K. Rowling.  Best sellers are on the shelves at major book stores.  No one knows who Jax Jillian is.  No one is driving to their local Barnes & Noble to snatch up my latest novel.  I haven’t earned that privilege. But hey, I’m okay with it.  I never thought I would get published in the first place.  To see my novel for sale on the B&N website is just fine with me.  To me, that’s just as good.


Could I market my book more?  Probably. But, hey, I’m busy.  I’m tired.  I work full-time;  I have a toddler to look after.  I have a house to clean. I barely even have time to write.  Heck, I barely have time to eat.  All of those best sellers out there — writing IS their full-time job.  They pour their heart and soul into marketing and promoting.  They have agents to help them along the way.  Me?  Not so lucky.  Writing is a hobby for me.  Not a job.  Don’t get me wrong.  I tried to find an agent.  But it is HARD!  You could have written the greatest story of all time, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t grab an agent’s attention.  Best selling authors – they were able to get their work into the right hands.  Someone who had the resources to help them get their name out there.

I am just one of thousands of published authors out there.  I am essentially no one in the writing world.  And like I said, I am okay with that.  Of the very few people who have read my book (thank you by the way!), most of them were touched in some way by the story that I crafted (check out my review page!!).  That means more to me than selling thousands of books.  I have a full-time job.  I don’t need to write.  I just like to.  It’s an escape for me.  And if a reader can escape into my book, than I will consider myself successful.

So long as you write...

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