White Blank Page

The dreaded white blank page. A writer’s enemy.


I don’t care if you are a NY Times Best Selling Author or a newbie just trying to make a name for yourself. All authors go through writers block at one time or another. There is nothing more intimidating (at least for me) than a white blank page. It’s uninviting, unappealing, and unfriendly. Words are our best friends and when I stare at a page with nothing written, it screams at me telling me I’m not good enough, not creative enough. Oh, how it plays mind games with you. If only you could just get that first word down.

I compare writing a novel to running a marathon. You need to take it one step at a time, and then one mile at a time. And when you are writing a novel, each word is a step, each chapter is a mile. And that white blank page is the course. And how we deal with that course is what defines us as writers. And ultimately, I want to be defined as a great writer and storyteller.

So, I have decided that I am no longer going to let a white blank page own me. I have decided I am going to embrace it and allow it to be my canvas. I am going to allow it to be my motivator and my teammate. Not my nemesis. The next time I find myself in a staring contest with it, I will not blink and I will not turn away. I will start by taking that one step and turning it into a mile. I am going to turn that white blank page into a story that will hopefully take someone’s breath away. Lord knows it has taken mine away. It’s time to catch my breath again.

2 thoughts on “White Blank Page

  1. I enjoyed your post. As much as I love writing, the blank page is often intimidating. It’s good to remember that like a runner needs to start each race with those first few steps, a writer needs only to start with those first few words. Like a runner, too, a writers’ greatest strength is his/her determination and persistence, for once we get moving, there is little that can stop us!
    Happy writing!

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