Larkin’s Letters Review Tour Update

Day 2 has ended on my review tour and I have been so humbled by the reviews that Larkin’s Letters has been getting the past two days. There have been so many amazing comments about the story, and the writing. When I sat down about 2 years ago to write this story, I would have never imagined that I would be any good at it.  Some of the reviews have been so incredibly humbling and when I sit and read through them, I think to myself, “Really?  Me?  I’m getting these great reviews?”  I am so excited and I can only hope that this will lead to bigger things for Larkin’s Letters.  I am posting all of the reviews on my review page but here is one of my favorites from today:

“OMG! – It has taken quite a while to compose this review 😮 … Not because it was bad, but because it was too good, too real & too heart wrenching! … Get a big box of tissues handy & make sure you have plenty of time to read, coz you won’t want to stop turning the pages once you get started!
– I really prefer happy endings, but I had a feeling this may not have one which I will NOT clarify one way or the other at this time with a spoiler 😉 … If you start to feel some situations seem predictable, just wait & hang on to your seat, coz you’ll be thrown a curve as you continue turning each page, desperately waiting to see what comes next! … I normally don’t like to read a book when it’s written with letters, but I do love how the author writes from each of the 2 main character’s POV’s & makes it clear whether it is a letter from the past or a current happening 🙂
– I have to say that this is one of the saddest & most poignant yet beautiful love stories I’ve ever read! … Every single word touched my heart from the first page to the last! … Get ready for a breath taking, yet gut-wrenching emotional roller coaster ride that is expertly woven by this amazing new author! … If I didn’t know in advance that this is Jax Jillian’s first book, I would have thought I was reading a Nicholas Sparks book or a seasoned NY Times best selling author’s works, seriously!! …
– Yes, I cried a lot & at times my vision was so blurry, I had to stop reading 😮 … I felt like my heart was literally breaking as if I were actually experiencing this novel myself! … So make sure you don’t miss out on this fabulous 5 star work of fiction!! … I know we’ll be seeing accolades for this talented new author & I can’t wait for her next book! ”  -Deb Burchfield

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