Let the Reviews Roll In…

Here is one of the first reviews to come in from the Larkin’s Letters Review Tour.

“Oh my goodness…perfect…absolutely perfect.

I honestly did not know how this story was going to be executed when I decided to read and review it. Based on the title I knew there were going to be letters involved, but that is all I basically thought it would be. I never thought it would impact me as much as it did.

This story is truly heartbreaking and freeing at the same time. It focuses on the love of two friends that evolves in the face of tragedy into something so pure…so one-in-a-lifetime.

Ryan and Larkin are perfect from page 1. From the moment I was introduced to them and their story, I just knew I was going to love this book. The author obviously put her whole heart and soul into every single paragraph, sentence, and word on every single page.

In a way this reminds me a tad of P.S. I Love You, because of the significant other kind of contacting the loved one even in death. Okay, so maybe I am the only who thinks that, but there is one part concerning flowers that is the reasoning behind my thinking.

This book is not just a journey of a love long overdue, but it is also a journey of forgiveness. Ryan had made a promise to Larkin that he would have died before breaking, and in the end, a part of him did when he could not fulfill that promise. But both Larkin’s ghost and her letters teach him that he went above and beyond when it came to her. They teach him that she loved him no matter what and he is completely and utterly forgiven when it comes to that promise.

I am speechless, utterly speechless. This book was phenomenal, and probably one of the best of this genre I have read in a long time.”

-Kayla West, Journey With Books

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