Hey Authors, Let’s Hear It For The Book Bloggers!

So, You’re an aspiring author craving to taste just one ounce of success. You have just finished your first novel and you are sure it is going to be the next big thing. Certain that you have just written the last word of your soon-to-be New York Times Best Seller. You put everything you had into that story. It took you forever. In fact, it took you so long that you never thought it was possible you would ever finish. But now you have and it is finally out there for the world to see. You’re friends and family love it. They tell you, “This is great! I loved it! You are so talented! I didn’t know you could write!” You’ve heard so much positive feedback so now, of course, you are positive it will be nothing less than a huge success. Good for you! Now, lets go get ’em!

Months pass and you start to realize that getting your book noticed was a lot harder than you thought it would be. It’s frustrating. You have received only about a half-dozen reviews, but all of them raved about how great your book is. If only you could just get more people to read it too. But how? Unless you are already a best selling author, you’re chances are about slim to none. No one is going to a bookstore looking for your no name book. It doesn’t matter how great your writing or your story is. No one is looking for you. Not yet anyway. Maybe someday. Feel alone? Well, let me tell you, you’re not.

So back to that question. How can I get my book noticed? Well, I published my first novel, Larkin’s Letters, one year ago, and I have learned so much about marketing and social media since then. I have felt so alone in the grueling process of trying to get my book noticed. I had received a handful of great and positive reviews about it, but I still couldn’t seem to quite get it out there to more people. And despite the positive reviews that I had received, I still felt so alone and in the dark.

Then one night as I was perusing the internet trying to research how the successful authors found their way out of the darkness, I came across a couple of book bloggers. People who LOVE to read and write about their favorite books and authors. And most of these were authors and books that I had never heard of. They weren’t best sellers (yet anyway!). They were just like me. An author just trying to get their name out there. So, I emailed a couple of these bloggers asking for a review, and I had about five or six takers. Hey, it was a start.

Just recently, one of those book bloggers reached out to me and offered to host a review tour for my book. She couldn’t believe that I barely had any reviews for my book, a book she loved. I couldn’t believe that she had wanted to help me. But then I realized that she LOVES books so much that she is willing to try to help me be as successful as I possibly can be. Word-of-mouth is the single most important part of a new author’s success. The. single. most. And in my opinion, word-of-mouth starts with the book bloggers! People who spend countless hours reading your words, writing a review, and putting it out there for their followers to see. And many of these book bloggers have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of followers reading their blogs. So, LET’S HEAR IT FOR ALL OF THE BOOK BLOGGERS OUT THERE! Take it from a struggling author. You are so appreciated. More than you know. I appreciate you and all of your hard work in helping new authors, people you don’t even know, be successful. There should be a Book Blogger of the Year Award!

And so authors, if someday, you make it big and people are going to the bookstores looking for your name and your books, take a quick second and thank the book bloggers who reviewed your work. They certainly had a hand in your new found success.

A special thank you goes to Drue Hoffman of Drue’s Random Chatter Book Blog. You are the light in this author’s darkness. Hopefully it will continue to shine brighter and brighter with all of your help!

Larkin’s Letters Review Tour is hosted by Drue’s Random Chatter and will run from Aug 4-8. Stay tuned for the reviews!

5 thoughts on “Hey Authors, Let’s Hear It For The Book Bloggers!

  1. Being a book blogger myself, I always see it as a privilege and an honour to review books from lesser known authors or those just starting out. Quite a few of my favourite books have been written by indie authors. Readers who haven’t given an indie book a try are truly missing out.

  2. As a book blogger also, I completely agree with the above poster, ‘Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers’. Readers who don’t give indie authors a try really are missing out! I have come across some amazing books that are written by Indie authors!
    It really is a privilege to read these books. Especially when asked for a review by the author themselves because they think your reviews are trustworthy and honest!

  3. *sniff* now your going to make me cry just like your book did. You are a fantastic writer and you will be successful its just a matter of time! and my determination 🙂

  4. I don’t even have a book out there (yet), but I love the book bloggers! I enjoy reading them, I enjoy finding new connections with them, and getting to know them. Yay for book bloggers!

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