So, it’s been quite awhile since I have posted on here.  There have been a lot of exciting things going on with Larkin’s Letters as well as my personal life.  As many of you know, Larkin’s Letters was published and released this past June via Tate Publishing and I am also a new Mom (Ryan is now 8 months old!).   I have been meaning to post more often on here but the only time I have to write is when Ryan naps.  And that time is precious to me and I have been using it to write my second novel.  It is definitely taking me a lot longer to write this one, but I promise I will get there. 

The second novel is actually a sequel to Larkin’s Letters, and it is entitled Ryan’s Letters.  To those of you who have read Larkin’s Letters, you are probably wondering how is this possible?  Well, just you wait!!  I am definitely a lot more excited about this one!  It is a little different in that Larkin’s Letters tells a story through flashbacks, whereas Ryan’s Letters will tell a story in the present.  As the author and creator of this story, I have become so invested in my characters and I absolutely have fallen in love with them.  I really felt like Ryan’s story wasn’t quite over yet and he needs a little help from someone special to get to his ending.  Be on the lookout for excerpts!

The main reason for this post is that I have been so humbled by all of the positive feedback I have been getting on Larkin’s Letters.  I never knew if I had the potential to be a good writer or storyteller but every time I get a five-star review, it is just so humbling.  I had one book blogger review the book and she sent me an email about how much she loved it and how it will stay in her heart forever.  This was the best email I have received and it is really amazing to be able to touch someone’s heart like that!  I just hope I can touch many, many more. 

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