The Ending is Here; Could the End Be Near?

I just completed the epilogue to my novel and some of you may find it weird that I have written the conclusion to a story without it being complete, but it is actually quite common.  Memory is fallible.   If you don’t use it, you lose it.  Before I typed a word of this book, there were two things I definitely knew:  the beginning and the ending.  Could I have written the ending back in June when I started on this journey?  Sure.  But I didn’t.  I wanted to see if my characters took me down a different path before I confirmed the ending.  And just like I had thought I would have, I stayed true to my initial instinct of how I wanted this story to end.  It took me a little under four hours to write my ending, 1,700 words to be exact.  If only it could take me four hours to write the entire story.  So, you may be wondering.  Is it a happy ending or is it a sad ending?  I will tell you this.  All great love stories need not only love, but they need severance to fully touch the reader.  However, I gave the ending a little twist that I think most readers won’t expect.  With that said, if the novel ends up being a flop, at least it’s not predictable!

I must say that my favorite parts to what I have written so far are the prologue and the epilogue.  Let’s just hope the middle can be as good.

I’m on the homestretch!  Not much more to go to finish the “meat” of the book.  But, then I have to go to war with the ever elusive “revisions.”  Not looking forward to that painful process.

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